From ancient palaces of India to modern kitchens, hand-blended masalas remain a treasured element of the finest cooking. The rich spices found in these blends are imported from their native countries and mixed with the utmost care by master Chef Ranjan Dey of the the popular New Delhi Restaurant in San Francisco. Ranjan’s inspiration came from researching the favorite dishes of many royal families who ruled India centuries ago.

Our flavor bears no similarity to the “Curry Powders” found in mass markets. Like fine wine, our spices are rare and a product of unique blends unavailable anywhere else. You can sprinkle them on meats, poultry and seafood, add to salads, vegetables, dips, sauces or cook a traditional Indian meal. In the words of Chef Ranjan Dey, “I created these delicious spice blends for my restaurant with four things in mind – tasty, healthy, quick. & easy.” All you need is a pot, a little oil (optional), plain yogurt, your choice of vegetables or meats. Put them in a pot together with your selection of spice blend and cook until done. You will soon be serving meals fit for royalty.

“Share the spice of life!” – Chef Ranjan Dey

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  • A bit of India from San Francisco!

    Soung, Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

  • Used to buy your products at Cost Plus but sadly, no more. Glad to have found you on the internet!

    Gina, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • My FAVORITE curry mix! I always look forward to receiving my order. Thank you so much.


    Donna, Springfield, Illinois